Founder Sales Bootcamp: Up Your Sales Online & Offline in a Down Market


Times are tight.

You check your cash flow statements almost everyday to make sure the company stays afloat.

You’ve cut contractors, expenses, and costs.

But your runway still looks shorter than you expected.

What do you do?

During times like these, there are 3 types of business owners:

Those who freeze. They panic and do nothing.

Those who flee. They ignore all the warning signs and hope for the best.

Those who fight. They go on the offense and understand that there is always opportunity found even in times of crisis.

Instead of contracting, they expand.

Instead of just cutting costs, they leverage the one thing they know has unlimited upside to maximize their cash flow —

They leverage on the power of sales.

They know revenue is the lifeblood of any company —

And the more sales you get, the more profits you can keep, the longer your company survives this crisis and ultimately thrives.

And what if instead of limiting your customer base to your city or area, you chose to sell to the entire Malaysia?

With more and more people moving their business online, shopping online, and working online…

This is more possible than ever.

And that’s what you will discover when you join us in our Founder Sales Bootcamp.

In this upcoming 2-day training, you will discover the tried and true secrets of selling offline and online from two seasoned entrepreneurs and trainers who have helped countless companies close more deals and get more sales (even if it’s just the founder).

When you join the bootcamp, you will be introduced to the cutting-edge, proven methods to get sales online, as well as the lost art of closing deals one-on-one.

All these specialized sales techniques come together to help you accelerate your sales and keep your business going, even if you are an introvert and haven’t really done sales before.

You will learn the art of consultative selling (you won’t be seen as desperate or pushy), communicating with your prospects based on their personality type, and be perceived as a trusted advisor to your customers.

This is not your typical sales training.


Workshop Benefits


Offline Sales

+ Discover how to switch from presenting to selling

+ How to identify the best customers for your business

+ Discover needs-based selling

+ Understand the real reasons clients buy from you

+ How to handle objections and turn skeptics into buyers

+ Consumer personalities, psychology, and segmentation

+ Face to face selling

+ The art of successful cold calling

+ Things you need to prepare before selling

+ Behavior of purchasers

+ Case studies of B2B, B2C, product, and services sales

Online Sales

+ Discover how to sell online effectively

+ Effective ways to reach the right audience online

+ Identify the ideal audience for your industry

+ Build a funnel that works

+ Learn how to get great return on ad spend for key paid acquisition channels like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads.

+ Simple strategies to ensure success for your ad campaigns

+ Tools to use for R&D

+ 10 ways to sell more and upsell

+ How to turn your customers into promoters

+ How to get prospects coming to you instead of going to them

… and many more.


Who is this workshop BEST for?


+ Business owners
+ Marketers
+ Sales reps
+ Freelancers
+ Trainers


This workshop is essential for you if...


+ You are under pressure to get more sales and improve conversions

+ You are unsure which channels are most effective for engaging your audience

+ You are expected to achieve more with less


What You Will Learn



Offline Sales

How to identify the best customers for your business
+ Define your target customer
+ Understanding their buying behavior and spending power
+ How to personalize your selling approach

Needs-Based Selling (Part 1)
+ How to negotiate less and sell more
+ How to develop New Behaviors in Planning, Selling, Negotiate

Selling the Benefits
+ Features vs Advantages vs Benefits
+ How to accelerate your sales

Matching Benefits to Needs
+ Why is it important?
+ How to connect them to maximize your sales?

Online Sales

Introduction to Digital Marketing
+ Understanding the customer journey
+ Biggest mistakes most marketers make
+ Case studies review

Build a buyer persona
+ Identify your ideal audience
+ How to do an effective competitor analysis
+ How to use Google Trends & Facebook Insights
+ Useful tools for R&D


Offline Sales

Needs-Based Selling (Part 2)
+ Don’t just sell, sell SMART
+ How to summarize the needs and proposal
+ Selling the BIG IDEA

How to handle objections and turn skeptics into buyers
+ Identify emotional and rational objections
+ Personality-based selling
+ 3 step sales closing method in objection situation

Action Plan
+ Review your selling plan framework

Online Sales

Facebook, Instagram, & Google ads
+ Setting up an ad account
+ Step-by-step guide on Facebook & Instagram ads
+ Step-by-step guide on Google ads
+ Case studies review (How I helped a client build sales from RM0 to RM50K a month)
+ How to target the right audience
+ Scientific method to optimize your ads

Tips & hacks to sell more online
+ Ways to reach your audience — at no cost


What You Will Get


+ 2 days of LIVE online interactive training

+ Exclusive frameworks and methods

+ Certificate of completion


About Your Instructors


Tan Kok Meng

Formerly in-house sales trainer at JT International. He previously led 20 trade trainers to provide sales training to sales teams nationwide. He has vast experience in one-on-one closing and B2B sales.

Prior to entering the training industry, Kok Meng gained valuable experience from the Hospitality, Logistics and FMCG industries.

Kok Meng is a Certified Trainer by the Ministry of Human Resources. He is also Certified by ITD Word in Advanced Coaching & Mentoring and Performance Coaching. He provides training and coaching to workers at workplace and business locations as a professional in People Development.

He possesses excellent interpersonal, communication and analytical skills with demonstrated abilities in customer relationship management.

He has traveled extensively throughout Malaysia to conduct training across industries and has a strong understanding of incorporating humor and media into training to make it more engaging and meaningful.

He is passionate in inspiring lives and transforming people. Because of the dedication, he is well known for his energetic and power-packed training sessions.

Wing Hong

Founder of Rebound, with a mission to help businesses to grow online.

Starting from nothing, Wing Hong turned his social media pages into traffic magnets, attracting millions of people to his contents without spending a single dollar.

Noticing that his work has the potential to help businesses in Malaysia to grow online, he started helping small businesses in forming their online marketing strategy, building contents, and generating sales from online. He has serviced clients such as La Juiceria Superfoods, Super Saigon, Malaysian Airlines, Comvita Malaysia & beutiq.co

He is often invited to speak for corporates, universities and digital marketing conferences on the topic of Digital Marketing. Training more than 1000 students nationwide.


Join The Founder Sales Bootcamp & Watch Your Revenue Grow


How much is lack of sales costing you? Do you struggle to sell online because you don’t know where to start? Do you shy away from selling one-on-one because you fear that you may say the wrong things? A lack of good sales skills may already be costing you a great deal.

If you’re tired of hoping for sales to come and instead want to finally take control of your business destiny —

In this program you’ll discover proven strategies to generate more sales and get more business even during a downturn.

Discover what entrepreneurs and marketers learn about sales in 4 years in just 2 days.

Date: 11th & 12th July 2020 (Saturday & Sunday)

Time: 10am - 12pm (Session 1), 2pm - 4pm (Session 2) [4 HOURS per day]



Early Bird Investment


RM995 (1 pax)
- HRDF Claimable
- 2 months of interest-free installment available

Contact us at 012-283 6016 for more information.




Q: Do I need to be charismatic to be good at sales?

A: No. While many typical sales reps appear to have charisma, the best sales people take the time to understand their prospects’ needs better than anyone else. You don’t need to be high energy to sell a lot.

Q: I don’t want to appear salesy or desperate. Will this training make me look that way?

A: No. We teach mainly consultative selling which is the art of selling people what they want in the way they want to be sold. Nothing pushy here.

Q: Will I get the slides and recording after the session?

A: Yes. Just make sure to register with your best email address so you can get the links to the slides and recording after.

Jul 11 - Jul 12, 2020
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM MYT
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